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Message of Condolence to the Communist Party of India (CPI) on the Death of Comrade Romesh Chandra.

July 6, 2016


General Secretary


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Dear comrade :

            We are sad to learn of the demise on July 4, 2016, at the age of 97, of Comrade Romesh Chandra –- former member of the Central Secretariat of the CPI National Council, former editor-in-chief of the CPI central organ “New Age”, and President of Honor of the World Peace Council.

            We pay homage to the decades-long service of Comrade Chandra to the Indian and international struggles for peace, freedom and socialism –- first as a student leader during your national independence struggle against British colonialism ; then as a leader of the CPI in the struggle for socialism and anti-imperialist solidarity ; and later as a leader of the international struggle for disarmament and peace.

            As general-secretary and later president of the World Peace Council, Comrade Chandra played a prominent role in strengthening the international anti-war and anti-foreign-bases movements from the mid-1960s to the end of the 1980s, and addressed the United Nations several times on the burning issues of peace and anti-imperialist solidarity. He served as an eminent voice of the struggles of peoples against imperialist-propped dictatorships, and for national liberation from colonialism.

            His expression of international solidarity with Viet Nam's epic struggle against US occupation and aggression, through his visit to northern Viet Nam at the height of the US bombings, will always be remembered in the annals of the international solidarity movement. Comrade Chandra also served an important role in rallying international solidarity with the historic struggles of the peoples of South Africa and of the Front-Line States against apartheid.

            In paying homage to Comrade Chandra, we remember his visit to our country in  1984 for the “International Conference on Peace and Solidarity in East Asia and the Pacific”, which also helped to gather international support for our own struggle against US military bases and for a regional nuclear-weapon-free zone of peace.

            Please extend our condolences to the bereaved family of Comrade Romesh Chandra.

                                                                                                                        Very sincerely,

                                                                                                                        ANTONIO  E.  PARIS

                                                                                                                        General Secretary

PKP 14th Congress


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