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Tribute to Comandante Fidel Castro --- A Great Marxist-Leninist. (Contribution of the PKP-1930 to the People's Tribute to Comandante Fidel”, Virata Hall, ISSI, U.P. Diliman, Quezon City, January 19, 2017)

Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz, the historic leader and Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution, will always be remembered and revered for dedicating his life to the noblest ideals of humanity –- to national freedom and sovereignty ; to social development and equality ; to the building of socialism and the raising of human dignity ; and to international solidarity in the struggle against imperialism, colonialism and apartheid.

            With his revolutionary ideas, ethical character and profound humanism, Comrade Fidel inspired countless nations and hundreds of millions of people throughout the globe. He became the voice and symbol of the poor and oppressed peoples –- and particularly of the working class –- not only in Latin America, but worldwide.

            Comrade Fidel, the long-time First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, was a great Marxist-Leninist. Having studied the rudiments of this teaching during his incarceration, he creatively interpreted and applied this to the specific conditions of then semi-colonial Cuba. He knew that with the conditions obtaining then, it was impossible to speak of socialism as an immediate aim. His July 26 Movement concentrated on the national-democratic aims of his Moncada Programme in winning the struggle against tyranny, long before the Cuban masses became politically conscious to support socialism.

            Where the huge number of people were disaffected, brutally exploited, disgusted with the existing state of affairs and ready to fight despite their political confusion, the July 26 Movement was able to champion the hopes of the people who were a potentially revolutionary force despite the inadequate level of their political consciousness. The Moncada Programme against tyranny, corruption and social injustice was skillfully pursued, through Marxist-Leninist political education, to the more revolutionary program of building a socialist society.

            Comrade Fidel and the revolutionary people of Cuba are models of proletarian internationalism. They contributed to the defense of the Algerian Revolution against French colonialism, and to the defense of Vietnam against US aggression, although these are not bragged about. However, Nelson Mandela and the peoples of the Front-Line States of Southern Africa, are themselves saluting the great contribution of Comrade Fidel and the revolutionary people of Cuba in the victory over the abominable system of apartheid.

            As an internationalist, Comrade Fidel was against the idea of exporting revolution, at the same time that he condemned the imperialist export of counter-revolution. His condemnation of maoist theories and practices in the early 1970s are classic works in defense of Marxism-Leninism. Despite the tragic demise of the USSR and the socialist community, he continued to defend and propagate socialism. He never was infatuated with nebulous concepts about “21st-century-socialism”, and defended the real socialism of the 20th century, the socialist system born of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 –- socialism with the dictatorship of the proletariat replacing the dictatorship of the capitalist oligarchy. 


            Under the determined leadership of Comrade Fidel and the Communist Party of Cuba, Cuba has become the beacon for mankind's struggle against imperialism –- the struggle for peace, freedom, economic progress and social liberation. Comrade Fidel's ideas for the firm defense of socialism, and for its enhancement as a sustainable and prosperous model –- even in the face of the continued criminal blockade by US imperialism –- have become a great encouragement to all progressive peoples, and will surely be followed by generations to come in Cuba and the world.

We are aware that the best tribute we can give to Comrade Fidel is to continue with greater efforts in our own country to contribute to the worldwide campaign for an end to the US blockade against Cuba ; for an end to the USA's illegal radio and television broadcasts which violate Cuban sovereignty ; and for the return to Cuba of the territory that is illegally occupied by the US naval base in Guantanamo. This we pledge to Comrade Fidel and his beloved Communist Party of Cuba.

            Fidel lives on forever ! Viva Fidel ! Hasta la victoria siempre !

                                                                                                            ANTONIO  E.  PARIS

                                                                                                            General Secretary, PKP-1930